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Unemployed, Underemployed, Contractors or Temps? | CareerOyster
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Unemployed, Underemployed, Contractors or Temps?

This page is for you if you:

  • Were let go from a job and are looking for work full-time
  • Are doing part-time work, in temporary positions  looking for full-time
  • Are temporarily  underemployed relative to your qualifications
  • Need to get your careers back on track
  • Are a Professional Contractor or Consultant looking for your next contract


I am Unemployed and my challenges are: 


  • I don’t understand why I’m not getting calls?
  • How do I explain my situation?
  • I’m not confident with my resume, it’s not selling me.
  • Even recruiters don’t call me back like they used to.
  • I am losing in the phone interview?  I can't get passed first base.
  • I don’t want to deal with social media.
  • My life is falling apart on all fronts.


  • Something has changed; I don’t understand this “new job search” market?
  • I sent out hundreds of resumes, with no response?
  • I apply on line and nothing ever happens!
  • My resume is posted, but no responses?
  • I am getting interviews, but no offers?
  • If I could get an interview, I could explain my situation.
  • I have lost my confidence in interviews.  I’m trying everything and hoping.
  • I don’t know who to call, my activity is too low. I’m not confident enough to pick up the phone?
  • I'm failing because my track record and experience has some issues.
  • I don’t know how to address my career liabilities - “Red flags”?
  • I’m confused; “experts” give me conflicting advice all the time.

 Timing and Timeframe

  • I don’t have an effective network? I need to get one fast.
  • I’m increasing my activities with more of the “same”.
  • I think I’m a victim of the “unemployed stigma”.
  • My savings are almost gone, I need a job fast.
  • I believe I can’t afford to get help now when in reality, I can’t afford not to.


The biggest mistakes people make here are:

Clarity - What is my real problem and how do I solve it?

  • They change their strategy weekly based on their latest advice.
  • Or they do the same failing activities over and over again.
  • They don't get the professional help they need up front to define their goals clearly.
  • They fail prioritize their goals relative to a five-year plan.
  • They failed to establish a strong enough brand for the best opportunities.
  • They are slow to address the important, if not urgent tasks that prepare one for an opportunity.
  • They fail to recognize the best opportunities for them.  They don't step back and assess their marketability and the best career options.
  • They fail to master job search as a sales process.
  • They do not understand how to transition to a new field.
  • Before they write a resume, they may need to explore some options with informational interviews.
  • They failed to assess the realistic factors of the marketplace, including product life-cycle.

 Reality - What are my realistic options short term?

  • They seek out generalized free opinions versus individual coaching expertise.
  • Because they wasted time before getting help, their savings have dissipated.
  • They rationalize they can’t afford to pay for help now, yet it cost them monthly not to.
  • They struggle to answer the question – why have I been unemployed?
  • They fail to see themselves objectively as the hiring manager sees them.
  • Lack of success leads to lower confidence, activity and competitiveness.
  • When an opportunity surfaces, they're not mentally prepared to execute effectively.
  • They fail to develop an exceptional, selling resume that will open the doors to the “better opportunities”.
  • They fail to execute or understand “Sales strategy” in messages, delivery and timing.

Timing and Timeframes 

  • They wait too long to get professional help. They underestimate the dollars saved with a coach.
  • They waste months learning the hard way using trial and error.
  • They network too much with the unemployed people and become discouraged.
  • They fail to target the right companies in the right industry.
  • They waste time reviewing the ads versus searching for the “right” companies.
  • They underestimate the lead time required to establish the right connections and relationships.
  • They get lazy and respond to ads versus exploring the hidden job market.
  • They waste time on the wrong activities and therefore extend their job search.
  • They are slow to address the important, if not urgent tasks that prepare one for an opportunity.
  • They fail to establish a disciplined approach to build activity, contacts and relationships.
  • They fail to position themselves for opportunities in the unpublished job market.


How CareerOyster can help:

Our coaches have experience in your field

They are specialist! They will take an objective view of your background, your goals, your activities and your liabilities to present a REALISTIC view of your marketability and your options in today's marketplace.  They understand today's market.  Following a detailed audit and assessment of these areas, our coaches can begin to formulate a CLARIFIED step-by-step marketing strategy to take you toward the career goals you set.  Creativity and reality are merged to support your job search goals.

Job search is a sales process

 Detailed tactics, techniques and approaches are specifically tailored to your style and your background to increase your confidence, generate job search activity quickly and lead to a successful new position in a QUICKER TIME FRAME. Our proven methodology is leading edge and it consists of personal One-on-One coaching, combined with an exceptional video library and the latest assessment and database resources. The result is an individual, customized program that will give you both confidence and techniques that can get you the right offers now and for the rest to your career.


How can CareerOyster help you specifically?

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