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Now this veteran "headhunter’ turned Career Coach shares these winning job search and Interview techniques he has used to train both professional recruiters and thousands of candidates.

Career Oyster - Career Assessment - V8It has been refined over 30 years and is updated specifically for today’s competitive market.

All programs combine individual coaching with a complete video package
in each module. Whether you’re new to the job search game or even if you are a seasoned veteran, you need to know how to compete for the best jobs in today’s market.

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ResumeCoach – Individual coaching + eLearning videos

• Goals Coach - Career Assessment Option – Marketability Coach – Skills inventory;

• 5 hours of eLearning video – Assembling the “Forward Looking Resume™” - Message Coach – Marketing Sheet - Letters Coach

Stand out from the “herd” with our unique “Forward Looking Resume™”.
80% of the screening is done by the resume! Get into the ”A” pile!

InterviewCoach - Individual Coaching + eLearning videos + Unlimited video practice

Individual coaching time for strategy, feedback and mock interview - 5+ hours of video - Unlimited, online interview practice –Sample preparation scripts and interviews - Master the different types of interviews:   phone, face-to-face, behavioral, panel, exploratory and executive - Videos Samples

Your confidence will soar.  You will win more often.  “The most qualified person doesn’t always get the position.   It’s the person that interviews the best.”

NetworkingCoach - Individual Coaching + eLearning videos

• Job Networking Strategy – How to execute effective Networking Meetings – Online Networking Practice with samples - Research Coach – 100 Target company lists with contact names, emails and phone numbers, Recruiters and Boards – LinkedIn Coach - Videos Campaign Coach – Automatic Job Application Filler – Daily motivational emails –24/7 Hotline Support – Offer Coach 

How can CareerOyster help you specifically ?

Find out in a Complimentary Consultation

“Everyone needs a Coach.”  - Bill Gates 2013

Meetings will be face-to-face or Skype.  Financing easily available!