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Everything You Need To Succeed.

1.  Enjoy our “Oyster Bed” of Proactive Career Webinars

•  Sign Up once for our thought leadership Webinars about the latest in Careers.
•  Learn to proactively manage your career. Understand strategies that lead to success.
•  Learn to be prepared for any changes that occur in your marketplace.

Specialized Webinars and articles will focus on professional Niches such as Sales, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Engineering, Legal, IT, Technology, Management, and Executive Careers.   Topics will cover strategy, tactics and issues at all levels of the career lifecycle from:

•  College Students / Re-entry
•  Mid-Career Job Seekers
•  Transitional Job Seekers
•  Executives and Management Professionals.
•  Seniors over 55

Sample topics include:

•  Jobs and employment of the future
•  Guerrilla Job Search Techniques
•  Transition Strategies that work
•  Resumes versus Curriculum Vitae or CV
•  Handling Career Challenges and Liabilities
•  Where does DiSC fit into my decisions?
•  Cover letters and resume writing
•  Job interview, phone interview, panel interviews, executive interview
•  The Coming War on Jobs

Selected webinar recordings will be available to all who sign up for convenient day, evening or weekend viewing. Sign up once and enjoy proactive career management and mentoring.

2.  Confidential 1 on 1 Consultations with a “Niche” coach.   It’s on the house!

Sample the expertise and the personal attention for your career.

•  Have the coach answer your questions, review your resume, discuss your transition goals.
•  Let them review and understand your challenges, needs, or even frustration. Or, your questions.
•  The coach will then provide some ideas, options and clarity so you can move forward toward success.

We’ re happy to compliment you a 45 minute session so you can see the value and the confidence that will come from our specialized services and our resources. It’s a small investment of time with a potential large and lifetime return.

70% of the marketplace could use a coach, but most job seekers do not realize this.

It’s See for yourself. Try it, then decide.   Sign up here > 

3.  Enjoy an Online Career Assessment – DiSC+ from our partner Career Insight.

CareerOyster is dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives by helping them become aware of, understand and account for their unique motivations and behavioral style, which we believe is key to personal growth and fulfillment (and finding the perfect fit job). We partnered up with Career Insights to give our clients access to this tool.

This is a personal invitation to receive a complimentary Career Insights Profile, because choosing a career or changing jobs is more successful and less stressful when you know what type of work environment is a good fit for you. The CareerOyster  Invite Code:   oystercpn01

The Career Insights Profile is an online tool that will help you understand:

•  Your Hidden Motivators - What intrinsically drives you
•  Your Natural Strengths - What comes easily for you
•  Ideal Work Environment - Where you can reach your full potential

This knowledge produces confidence!  The quick and simple to use Career Insights models have been proven accurate and effective with millions of people.

4.  QuickCoach – “Ask the Coach” an immediate question - Your first question is on us!

QuickCoach is a quick response coaching service facilitated by one of our trained Head Coaches designed to answer your specific, career-oriented questions QUICKLY and AFFORDABLY.

These inquiries can be about:

•  Job search and networking strategy
•  The interview process
•  Employment related issues
•  Negotiating and accepting offer
•  Anything you need to know the get the job you want !


If you are in a time crunch and need an answer now, try QuickCoach and get the right advice FAST !

Try one and see:   Click here >