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Coaching for Consultants & Entrepreneurs | CareerOyster
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Engage a Career Coach Today.

Our specialized "NICHE" Coaches create customized plans for every career transition.
Every job seeker needs a unique plan. Career plans and goals vary over time.
    • Career coach is coaching Job applicant for interview.Explore the 6 external factors that determine career success. 
    • Incorporate your personal priorities and timing.
    • Understand your hidden motivators.
    • Assess your realistic options and marketability.
    • Understand career transitions – challenges, risks, strategy.
    • Define a proactive 5 year plan.


Coaching for Consultants & Entrepreneurs:

Is controlling your future, your primary goal? What is the best option?
Let our consultants challenge your decision and your plan. Then advise:
Avoid mistakes. Prevent false starts. Optimize Marketability. Plan for success.
    • Career coach is coaching Job applicant for interview.What is the upside?   What are the risks?   
    • What is my plan B?   What if … ? 
    • Transitioning your career from corporate to consultant.
    • Successful transition to a new career and successful startup.
    • Finding your consulting clients and maintaining revenues.
    • Building a business, not a practice.   Are you really ready?