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Philosophy / Howard’s Rules for Job Search

The Job Search – Rules of the "Game"

  • When it comes to job search, "we are all in sales".
  • In job search there are no rules.
  • Job descriptions are only half accurate, and we don’t know which half.
  • Recruiters never find the top 5 candidates they find the first 5 candidates.
  • The resume game is about the paper, the hiring game is about the person.
  • 80% of screening is done by the resume.
  • 80% of hiring is based on how well you interview.
  • People hire people, not resumes.



  • Life gets in the way.
  • Change your thinking Change your world.
  • Average is so over! Be Exceptional!
  • That used to be us. Move on.
  • Be Patient - Howard’s law of relativity – For the manager, every hour goes by like a second, for the job seeker – Every second goes by like an hour.


Tips to Win – Drive focused activity

  • Get the help you need ASAP to minimize failures and learning curves.
  • When in doubt, send it out
  • Time kills all deals – make time your ally!
  • Timing is more important than qualifications.
  • Activity breeds success and success breeds motivation.
  • People do what’s in their own best interest as they perceive it.
  • Focus then prospect. Fill the funnel every day.
  • Cast the wider net - you don’t know what you don’t know
  • Good: chasing today’s ad;  Better: chasing future ads that haven’t been posted.
  • Address no objection before its time.
  • No decisions about a job until an offer.

"The world is your Oyster… be the pearl."

blue pearl in shell