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Career Transitions – What do I want to do? What are my best options? How do I get there? | CareerOyster
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Career Transitions – What do I want to do? What are my best options? How do I get there?



Career Transitions ...

This page is for

you, if you are:

  • Unsure of your career direction or your options?
  • Know what you want but need advice on how to get there!
  • A Professional, transferring from one industry or field to another.
  • An Entrepreneur, transitioning back into a corporate position.
  • A Corporate professional, transferring to smaller companies or entrepreneurial ventures.
  • A Homemaker, re-entering the workplace.
  • A College grad, looking for your first career job; or a Mature graduate, completing your degree and transitioning to your field of study.
  • Military personnel, entering the civilian workforce.


Career Counseling Where Are You In Your Career? Unsure of career direction?

I want to make a Career

Transition and

my Challenges are:




I don’t know what I want to do?

  • I need an assessment of my strengths, skills and marketability.
  • I need to understand the growth trends in my industry and the marketplace.
  • Just graduated, now how do I get started?
  • What’s the purpose of the transition? Marketability, $$, challenge, ROI, quality of life?
  • How do I know I will even like a transition? How long will a transition take.


I don’t know what my best options are?

  • I have a passion but I’m not sure it’s a career, a hobby or a part time job?
  • I know what I want, but I don’t have the background.
  • Houston, we have a problem: I’m in a dead end / declining industry/career.
  • I don’t have the skills or a degree that can cross industries.
  • I’m an experienced Senior and I still want to work. Who will hire me?
  • What are the financial consequences and trade-offs of a transition?


I don’t know how to get there?

  • I hate my job but I can’t take a pay cut to get out.
  • My industry is declining, how do I get out?
  • I just graduated with a new degree, now where do I use it?
  • I’m trying to reenter the workforce from a stay-at-home parent.
  • How do I communicate my transition from my military experience into a civilian skill-set?
  • How do I craft clear messages that will sell this transition?
  • I want to leave the corporate world and be my own boss.
  • I’m tired of large companies and want to work in a small company.
  • Does my resume to help me in this transition?
  • How do I identify and approach those who can help me transition?
  • How do I interview strong enough to sell a transition?


The biggest mistakes people make here are:

Clarity - Why do I really want to transition and will it be worth it?

  • They don't get the help they need up front to define their options clearly.
  • They fail to prioritize their goals relative to a five-year plan.
  • They have not identified their transferable skills.
  • They fail to target the right companies in the right industry.
  • They are not prepared to sell themselves on the phone or in the interview.
  • They are not confident to create an opportunity for themselves.
  • They fail to develop a task-based forward-looking, resume that will open the doors they need.

Realism -get professional help to understand your options thoroughly.

  • They fail to assess the probabilities and the negative trade-offs that can occur.
  • They don't step back and assess their marketability and the best career options.
  • Before they write a resume, they may need to explore some options with informational interviews.
  • They fail to target the right companies in the right industry.
  • They fail to assess the realistic factors and alternatives of the marketplace, including product life cycle.
  • They do not create a plan B or a two-step approach.

Timing or Timeframe; How long do we explore Plan A before we go to Plan B?

  • They fail to set reasonable time-frames and goals so they can make decisions.
  • They waste time answering the ads when they don’t have the obvious background.
  • They underestimate the lead time required to establish the right connections and relationships.
  • They waste time on the wrong activities and therefore extend their job search.
  • They don’t have the right contacts where the best opportunities are - small, medium or sized companies.


How CareerOyster can help:

Our coaches are have experience in your field

They are specialist. They will take an objective view of your background, your goals, your activities and your liabilities to present a clear and realistic view of your marketability and your options in today's marketplace. They understand today's market and can recommend the best transitions for you and the best way to approach them. And accelerate your Transition!!

Get a detailed plan

Avoid costly mistakes and time by creating CLARITY in your plan, your targets, your time frames, the trade-offs and pursuing the right situations aggressively -optimize your results. As decisions are made, the resume, a marketing document, and the messaging are crafted specifically for the desired opportunities. Creating a 2 step plan may be necessary. Our coaches can begin to formulate a REALISTIC step-by-step marketing strategy to quickly pursue the right kinds of opportunities. Creativity and reality are merged to support your job search goals.

Job search is a sales process

This is critical here since we are selling our potential. Creating a position as a “high potential hire” may be explored. Understand the tactics and master the delivery techniques that are specifically tailored to your style, your timing and your background.

Result: You gain lifetime skills with an individual, personalized program that will give you both confidence and a detailed step by step approach toward a FASTER and more successful transition.


How can CareerOyster help you specifically?

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