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Employed but Selectively Looking?

This page is for you if you are:

  • Opportunistic – ready to explore if someone calls
  • Seeking  a more challenging position
  • Seeking an opportunity for advancement
  • Seeking higher pay for your experience and skills
  • Seeking a better company and work environment
  • Casually looking while employed and submitting some resumes
  • Planning to make a move or committed to do so in 2013,
  • Would like to be prepared to begin looking for opportunities
  • Have a date in mind when you would like to change jobs
  • Your job or company is at risk and haven’t put together a plan “B”
  •  Positioning yourself for the right opportunity

I am Employed and am Open to or Selectively Looking for an opportunity. 

My challenges are:


  • How do I know what are my best career options? I don't need a job, I want an opportunity!
  • How do I assess my skills and marketability relative to my 5 year plan?
  • How do I save time in identifying “what I don't know?”
  • How do I build connections and relationships fast?
  • Maybe I should take some time to explore unknown or new ideas.
  • How do I know that this next position is truly a good career move?
  • I want this move to “fast-track” my marketability.
  • I’m missing job satisfaction or career growth.
  • I have probably been with this company too long.  I need to address this soon.
  • The integrity, the culture or the environment is not for me.

Personal Branding

  • I want to improve my personal brand so that “opportunities” come to me.
  • Is my resume selling me in or out?
  • How do I identify and reach the targeted companies and contacts?
  • How do I position myself for opportunities in the unpublished job market?
  • How do I become a recognized subject matter expert?
  • I want to change industries.
  • I’m on the slow track not the fast track.

Proactive Positioning

  • It's more important to secure the right opportunity than the time it takes to find it.
  • How do I identify the best targets in  industry and product
  • How do I execute an exploratory meeting effectively?
  • How do I get an outstanding offer?
  • How do I build my network in advance of my move?
  • I am pigeon-holed where I work. How can I make sure I make a good move?
  • I want something exciting and new, I am not challenged.
  • The job is too demanding for my personal life and I would like more balance.
  • I’m in the right position but in the wrong company.


How CareerOyster can help:

Our coaches are specialists

They have experience in your field.  They will take an objective view of your background, your goals, your activities and your liabilities to establish CLARITY about your marketability and your options in today's marketplace.  They understand today's market and can recommend the best options for you and the best way to approach them.

Getting a detailed plan

Identifying targets, setting time frames and pursuing the right situations aggressively can optimize the result.  Sometimes, exploratory meetings and informational meetings are required to gather information.  As decisions are made, the resume and the messaging are crafted specifically for the selected opportunities.  Building the right connections and relationships is critical to achieving an optimal move.  Proactive positioning for the right companies is the key.  Personal branding becomes an integral part of the strategy.  Our coaches can begin to formulate a realistic step-by-step marketing strategy to quickly pursue the right “company” opportunities.  Creativity and reality are merged to support your job search goals. 

Job search is a sales process. 

Detailed tactics, delivery techniques and approaches are specifically tailored to your style, your timing and your background to increase your confidence, generate opportunistic activity and lead to a exceptional new position.  Creating a position as an “opportunistic hire” is explored. Our proven methodology is leading edge and it consists of personal One-on-One coaching, combined with an exceptional video library and the latest assessment and database resources.

The result is an individual, customized program that will give you both confidence and a detailed step-by step approach toward the best opportunities available to you.


How can CareerOyster help you specifically?

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