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Our coaches have experience in your field.  They are specialists.  They will take an objective view of your background, your goals, your activities and your liabilities to present a realistic view of your marketability and your options in today's marketplace.  They understand today's market and can recommend the best transitions for you and the best way to approach them.  Creating the plan, identifying targets, setting time frames, understanding the trade-offs and pursuing the right situations aggressively can optimize the result.

Sometimes, exploratory meetings and informational meetings are required to gather information.  As decisions are made, the resume, a marketing document, and the messaging are crafted specifically for the desired opportunities. Targeting the right companies is the key to a successful transition.  Creating a 2 step plan may be necessary.  Our coaches can begin to formulate a realistic step-by-step marketing strategy to quickly pursue the right kinds of opportunities.  Creativity and reality are merged to support your job search goals.

Job search is a sales process.  This is critical here since we are selling our potential.  Understanding tactics, techniques and approaches that are specifically tailored to your style, your timing and your background will increase your confidence, generate exploratory activity and focus on landing a new position.  Creating a position as a “high potential hire” may be explored. Our proven methodology is leading edge and it consists of personal One-on-One coaching, custom scripts and messaging, combined with an exceptional video library and the latest assessment and database resources.


The result is an individual, personalized program that will give you both confidence and a detailed approach toward successful transition.


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