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Career Counseling Where Are You In Your Career? Unsure of career direction? Employed, selectively looking Actively Looking for a Job while still employed Unemployed looking for a job now
Unsure of your direction or your options?Know what you want but need advice on how to get there?Professionals transferringfrom one industry or field to another.Homemakers reentering the workplace.College grad looking for your first career job?Mature graduate completing your degree transitioning to your field of study?Military personnel entering the civilian workforce?Entrepreneurs transitioning back to corporate positions?Corporate professionals transferring to smaller companies / entrepreneurial ventures? Opportunistic – ready to explore if someone calls or want to position yourself for the right opportunity? Selectively seeking a more challenging position? Open to an opportunity for advancement?Seeking higher pay for your experience and skills?Seeking a better company and work environment?Casually looking while employed and submitting some resumes?Planning to make a move or committed to do so in 2013?Would you like to be prepared to begin looking for opportunities?Is your job or company at risk and you haven’t put together a plan “B”? While employed, are you actively applying for jobs?Are you sending resumes, but receiving no response?Are you interviewing, but not getting offers?Are you unsure how to network effectively via LinkedIn and the Internet?Are actively disengaged in your present position?Is your career at a standstill and not challenging?Are you in a company under stress or you foresee a risk to your present position?

There is no future for me here.
My boss is difficult and doesn’t recognize my talents.
Were you let go from a job and are looking for work full-time? Are you underemployed relative to your qualifications?Do you need to get your career back on track?Are you a Professional Contractor or Consultant looking for your next contract?Are you doing part-time work, in a temporary position looking for full-time?Do you need cashflow fast to handle your bills?Are you dealing with multiple problems – job, financial, personal?

How has the Job Seeking world changed?

How do I manage such change and secure a successful long term Career ?

Separating Facts from Myths and Prevailing opinions Common Challenges Why am I not getting Hired? Am I able to compete for jobs today?
Consider these... Consider these… challenges Common Career Mistakes - Right Way and Wrong Way road to career success - contact career coaches at CareerOyster
Prevailing opinions are often myths in the job seeking world. Get the facts about today’s job market! Learn more Understand the Job Search game as its played today! What’s changed! Learn more

Mistakes cost time, dollars and opportunities. Avoid them or make them. Your call. Learn more

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